Room 5’s Swan Plants

Last week we got back into our garden plot. Miss Williams brought some swan plants from home and we each took turns at planting one or two into the garden.

First we had to weed our garden and get rid of all the dead plants , to make room for our swan plants. Then we counted how many plants we had to dig holes for – 25! They are all different sizes, some baby ones and a couple of really big ones with seed pods! Some of the plants were really big so we had to put a stake in with them to help hold them up. We are making sure they get watered everyday  and really hope that they survive so we can go hunting for caterpillars!

Kelly helped the Room 5 students to each plant a seed into our seedling tray. We are going to try and grow plants from scratch so that our caterpillars have plenty of food.

Today we watched a cool song about the stages a butterfly goes through and this is called a cycle – because it goes around and repeats itself. Another cool word we learnt was ‘chrysalis’ – which is where the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

Keep an eye on Room 5’s blog for more updates! Hopefully we will see some eggs and caterpillars very soon!

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