Room 8 – Mission to Get NZ On The Map!!

#get NZ on the map

Last week we wrote to the Tourism NZ Board Chairperson, Kerry Prendergast, to tell her of our mission… and she replied that they were absolutely excited to hear of our research.  They are going to keep us involved with the next step in their “Get NZ on the Map” campaign.  We are so excited to be part of this and our research and actions have only just begun…

Room 8 were horrified to see the video (link attached above) and hear that NZ is disappearing off world maps!!!

We are investigating like Rhys Derby in the video – and we will write to important people all over the world to get them helping us to Get NZ On The Map!!!  – We may then even report back to Prime Minister Ardern and even the Queen to get NZ back on all the maps!!

Is there a conspiracy?  Is Australia taking our tourists?  Is England trying to get rid of the All Blacks?  Is France taking our wine????

This investigation is run through NZ Tourism – and I’m sure you’ll hear more about it in the media!!  If you have any ideas to share with your child, and report back to Room 8, let us know.

We will get NZ back on all the maps!! 🙂

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