Room 8’s Mission:  #GETNZONTHEMAP

Last term Room 8 was devastated when they watched the NZ Tourism Board video about how NZ is falling off world maps and world displays around the world!  The video features Prime Minister Ardern and Rhys Darby.  The link is here if you’d like to view it:

We were so moved we felt we had to research this and take action!
After deciding who we would email from anywhere around the world to get our view across (and hopefully some help with this), we finished our research and sent our emails.
So far we have had replies from:
  • Richie McCaw’s company;
  • Hasbro – who are going to look at getting NZ back on the game of ‘Risk’ boardgame;
  • Two personal letters from Prime Minister Ardern;
  • And lots of correspondence with the NZ Tourism Board – plus a very cool signed, supportive poster!
We have learnt a lot about researching, writing persuasive emails, and are fully behind the #GetNZOnTheMap campaign!
Kia kaha NZ Tourism Board – let’s make sure we Get NZ on all Maps in future!!!
IMG_6659 (1)

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