Teamwork in Rooms 11 & 12

In Room’s 11 & 12 we have started a new inquiry unit around ‘animals’, focusing on teamwork. We began looking at pets and how we can take care of them. On Friday students had to choose a pet in their group, draw an enclosure for it and then build this, using things they could find around the classroom. Within this task we had to use very important team building skills. We had to talk amongst our groups and everyone had to contribute. This meant we had to listen to everyone’s ideas and make decisions together. Room 9 & 10 then came over to have a look and judge the creations. Here is our winning team.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Miss Williams says:

    Very creative Rooms 11&12! It was great to come and see what you created and how descriptive you were about your creations !


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