Touch Rugby Draw

Friday nights draw

Round 1 5:30 pm
Field 1: St Joes vs Taps Mana, ref: Loche/Shallue
Field 2: TAPS vs Elstow Red, ref: Richie G
Field 3: Elstow Blue vs Stanley Ave Chargers, ref: Mangaroa
Field 4: Elstow Green vs Springdale, ref:Tevita/M Smith

Round 2 6 pm
Field 1: TAPS vs Spring TAPS, Ref Cookson
Field 2: St Mana under 11 vs Stanley Ave Patriots, ref Devyn S
Field 3: Elstow under 11 vs Elstow under 13, ref Woller
Field 4: Combined under 13 vs Stanley Ave Packers, ref Papara

Can all referees who attend school please come and see me prior to your games.

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