Yeah Buddy!

On Tuesday, Room 13 met with our buddy class for the first time. Our focus was nice and simple, get to know our buddies.

Room 13 has just embarked upon a Term long focus on how to develop social skills. This is part of our Life Skills focus for the year, in which we are working towards developing the soft skills that 21st-century employers are calling out for.

Before going to our buddy class (Room 10), the students in Room 13 discussed what we would do for our first session with our buddies. Since we have been focusing on how to connect with others this week, we felt that meeting our buddies would be the best opportunity to practice how to connect with other people.

Our teacher, Mr Marietta, gave us some tips about how to talk with young people, such as; speak softly and clearly, smile a lot, use a friendly tone of voice, ask them what they are interested in.

Once we had met our buddies, we spent some time playing with them, building things with the Lego. This made it easier to talk to them because they had something to keep their hands busy, which helped them to feel more comfortable with us.

Throughout the year we are going to work with our buddies, reading to them and helping them to feel supported at Stanley Ave.

kids.jpgkids 2.jpgkids 4.jpgkids 5.jpgkids 6.jpgkids 7.jpg




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  1. charlie says:

    soo cute


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