National Covid-19 measures

Good evening,

You will be aware that the National Covid- 19 measures have stepped up over the last 24 hours. Here is some key information regarding Covid- 19 actions that we are taking at Stanley Avenue School.
Due Diligence Processes
1/ Firstly, our legislative approach is to follow the Ministry of Education advice guidelines. At the moment these guidelines are being emailed frequently.
2/ Secondly, we held a Team Leader Meeting this afternoon to go over the latest information and assess the impact on learning and school activities.
3/ Finally, we met as a board tonight to discuss the latest Ministry updates.
  • In line with Ministry Guidelines and in consultation with the Board of Trustees, we have decided to cancel Whole School Assemblies until we are told we can do so safely again.
  • There is to be no handshaking, hongi’s or hugging across school personal for the foreseeable future.
  • We are currently looking into what remote learning for students from home could look like (In the event of school closure).
  • Within our classrooms, we are communicating the importance of good hygiene at all times- hand washing, coughing etiquette, etc.
  • We have increased the amount of hand sanitizer stations around the school
Please Note
  • It is important if students are unwell they are not to come to school.
  • If parents, caregivers, family/ whānau are unwell it is advised that they should not come onto the Stanley Avenue School grounds.
  • It is important to update your families contact details if they need updating.
  • Please be aware that District, Regional and Waikato Wide School events may be canceled over the next couple of weeks.
Thank you for your co-operation and support regarding the information in this email. Your children’s health and well being is our main priority.
John Byers


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