Covid 19 update – 23rd March

Dear Stanley Ave Family/ Whānau,


COVID- 19 Update


School is still open

I have had a number of parents check in with me this morning if our school is still open. Stanley Avenue School will remain open until such a time that the Ministry requests us to close. A number of families have already made the decision for their students to be at home and we fully respect their decision. With the smaller numbers of students at school currently, we are able to space students around the classrooms more effectively.  Like you, we will be monitoring the Covid-19 alert levels daily.


ERO External Review

Due to COVID-19, I was informed yesterday that our review week has been postponed. At the moment we are unclear as to when ERO will be back. A big thank you must go to the Board of Trustees and the staff for all of their efforts with our preparation.


Cancellation of non- essential meetings  and Personal Health

We have cancelled all non-essential meetings being held at school. A reminder, if you or your children are unwell please do not send them to school or come onto our school site. This is for everyone’s well-being. If you are unwell and you desperately need to see a staff member please phone ahead.


Year  7/8 Technology at Te Aroha College

The pandemic team has decided that our students will not be attending Technology on Tuesdays at Te Aroha College for the foreseeable future. 


Remote Learning

Teaching teams are currently working hard to finalise their remote learning programmes. The amount of online learning will vary across the school between teams depending on need and age of students. Physical learning packs are also being created for students without internet access. Team overview letters regarding remote learning will be sent out either today or tomorrow, including contact details of classroom teachers. Parents should have reasonable expectations around the quantity and quality of the work that is provided. Each student will be able to progress at different rates and do different amounts of work depending on their situation.


Updating Contact Details

We would like to say a big thank you to the families who have notified us already regarding changes in their contact details. This helps us to get timely information out to you and your family.


Take care and look after each other.


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