Tuesday 24th March – Latest Update

Latest Update: Tuesday 24th March


Dear Families, Caregivers and Whānau of Stanley Avenue School,


We thank you for your cooperation and support around the Ministry directive to close schools. Today and tomorrow we have a handful of students of essential service workers that will be onsite. 

During the lockdown period, myself and staff will not be allowed to be on-site, except in an emergency situation.


I ask that you and your family/ whānau respect the lockdown regulations and that the Stanley Avenue School Community does its utmost to get on top of Covid-19. 


A reminder that your health and your families/ whānau health is the most important thing. When we have seen the back of Covid- 19, we want our School Community to be fighting fit!


School Holiday Clarification


I feel it’s important to clarify what the Ministry has done around the holiday period. As from Monday 30th March, we will start a two week holiday period (under lockdown) that finishes on Tuesday 14th April. This does not mean we go back to school, as schools will be closed for another two weeks minimum. 


Remote Learning


 From the 15th April through to the end of April this time is deemed remote learning time, where students will carry out their learning from home.  Syndicate teams have been working hard to provide a range of learning for students. If you need to communicate with your child’s’ teacher please use the email address that has been provided. A reminder that home can also be a great place of learning and incidental learning experiences will arise during this time. Let your children take up these opportunities also. Being placed under lockdown sounds daunting, but look at it as an opportunity to connect as a family. 


There are still some physical learning packs that need to be picked up by those students that require them. Can you collect them today, please.


Take care, look after yourselves and your loved ones.


Kia kaha


John Byers ( Principal)

Mark Baillie ( BOT Chair)

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