Level 2 Guidelines Summary

Stanley Avenue School Alert Level 2 Key Guidelines Summary

Dear Stanley Ave families/whānau,

We are extremely excited to see our wonderful students next week. For a range of reasons some students will not be returning to school straight away, these students will continue with their Distance Learning programme from home.


Please note the below guidelines are in place to protect your children and all school personnel alike and are taken from Ministry of Education guidelines and advice to schools.


As a staff our initial focus we will be on the Well-being ‘Hauora’ of our students. Numerous research identifies that students need to feel comfortable, secure, and happy within a positive environment for learning to occur. 

All staff/ students across the school will be practising staying out of each other’s ‘moist breath zones’ and not touching other students. 


  • Staff will be maintaining a 1m distance between themselves and students where possible and practical.
  • Classroom teachers will be re- organising their classrooms in such a way that creates more space between students.
  • On arrival and departure from school and throughout the day students will sanitize/ wash and dry their hands before entering and exiting their classrooms.
  • Hand sanitizer/ soap and paper towels are available in all areas of the school.
  • All surfaces across the school will be cleaned regularly, including toilet areas.
  • We require every child to bring their own water bottle to school.
  • A reminder students within Team Tui and Team Ruru are welcome to bring their own device to school for learning purposes.
  • Our playgrounds will be operational for Morning Tea and Lunchtimes only but not for the whole school.
  • Team Piwakawaka will have the option of using the front playground at morning tea time and Team Pukeko at lunchtime.
  • Students will sanitize/ wash their hands prior to and after playground use.
  • In line with Ministry recommendations only parents/ family/ whānau of Piwakawaka students will be allowed on site before school to deliver their child/children to outside their classroom. 
  • A school staff member will sign Piwakawaka parents in for contact tracing purposes and hand sanitizer will be available.
  • Students from other syndicates are to assemble on the front court area in their own or sibling space. 
  • No parents are allowed onsite in the afternoon’s to pick up their children. Classrooms teachers will walk students out to the front gate area to be let go.
  • It is recommended at afternoon pick up time for parents/ family members to wait by their car if they are parked in the car park.
  • Buses will be running at their normal times and are sticking to their same routes. Bus companies are responsible for providing increased sanitation on each bus. 
  • Parents needing to go to the school office, will need to line up outside the office entrance with a ‘one in one out’ system.
  • If you need to get a message to your children’s teacher that is non urgent feel free to use the communication channels that we have being using during Distance Learning. Messages can also be left at the office via email/phone or the school app.
  • Kids Club will be open and operating for Stanley Avenue School student’s only.


We are working hard to ensure your children and all school staff stay safe during Alert Level 2.


Thank you for your co-operation and support.

John Byers


Please contact me on 021 1381983 if you would like to discuss anything further.

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