Board of Trustees


Introducing our very hardworking BOT 2019:

Back Row: Lori Potts, Sharon Coombe, Sally Oldfield (Staff Trustee), Cassie Warburton and Lisa Moore (Secretary)

Front Row: John Byers (Principal) & Mark Baillie (Chairperson)


Mark Baillie:

Lisa Moore: I was born and raised in Te Aroha.  Three years ago I made a decision with my husband to move back to Te Aroha to raise their children; now 7 and 4.  I have a project management and production planning background, currently working as a project manager.  I believe in growing well-rounded children, and their right to a happy, healthy and safe environment to grow.

Lori Potts:

Cassie Warburton: I am married to Tim, and we have 2 boys.  Liam has recently left Stanley Avenue School to start his high school journey, after completing all of his primary education as SAS.  Michael is in year 5.  I am passionate about providing opportunities for all children across the entire education spectrum.  SAS is a very special school community, which I am proud to be part of.

Sharon Coombe: My husband Allister and I have two girls at Stanley Avenue School; Hayley in Year 7 and Talia in Year 6.  Our family has been involved with Stanley Avenue School since 2012 and believe that we are lucky to have such a dedicated and motivated principal and staff that continue to support our students to reach their potential and “strive to succeed”.  I am a Chartered Accountant/ Director for a local Accountancy firm, my current role involves preparing management reports and annual reports for several primary schools to MOE requirements which provides me with a deep financial understanding within the school environment.  

Sally Oldfield:






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