The Stanley Ave Learner



Strive to Succeed


We believe Striving to Succeed is built around:

-Setting appropriate goals that reflect high expectations

-Displaying  a ‘can do’ attitude

-Managing time effectively

-Responding positively to challenge

– Reflecting on progress

-Knowing next learning steps

-Using a range of strategies when solving problems

– Staying focused and completing set tasks

– Being organised for learning

Team Player


We believe an effective team player is built around:

-Acting positively in different situations

-Respecting others feelings and opinions

-Taking on new or different roles within a group

– Co- operating in team situations

– Recognising the strengths of others

– Being aware of how words and actions affect others

– Enjoying being part of a team




We believe an Inquirer is built around:

-Being curious about their world

-Finding relevant information from a range of sources

-Transferring learning to other situations

-Asking appropriate questions

Evaluating information for accuracy

– Using a range of thinking tools and strategies

– Developing findings into actions




We believe that Hauora is built around:

-Believing in our abilities

-Understanding the impact of decisions on health

– Considering the impact my words and actions have on others

-Making positive connections within our world

-Knowing what to do when times are tough

-Trying our best in physical activity

-Managing our emotions

– Understanding and using the school’s values

– Asking for help when we need it

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