The Stanley Ave Learner



Strive to Succeed


We believe Striving to Succeed is built around:

-Setting appropriate goals that reflect high expectations

-Displaying  a ‘can do’ attitude

-Managing time effectively

-Responding positively to challenge

– Reflecting on progress

-Knowing next learning steps

-Using a range of strategies when solving problems

– Staying focused and completing set tasks

– Being organised for learning

Team Player


We believe an effective team player is built around:

-Acting positively in different situations

-Respecting others feelings and opinions

-Taking on new or different roles within a group

– Co- operating in team situations

– Recognising the strengths of others

– Being aware of how words and actions affect others

– Enjoying being part of a team




We believe an Inquirer is built around:

-Being curious about their world

-Finding relevant information from a range of sources

-Transferring learning to other situations

-Asking appropriate questions

Evaluating information for accuracy

– Using a range of thinking tools and strategies

– Developing findings into actions




We believe that Hauora is built around:

-Believing in our abilities

-Understanding the impact of decisions on health

– Considering the impact my words and actions have on others

-Making positive connections within our world

-Knowing what to do when times are tough

-Trying our best in physical activity

-Managing our emotions

– Understanding and using the school’s values

– Asking for help when we need it

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kelly white says:

    The Stanley Avenue information validates the expectations that educators, families, schools and communities hope for our children as learners. The message is very clear and hopeful an inspires myself as an educator that the options are measured in a wide scope.


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