School Leaders & House Captains 2018

School Leaders


Hi, my name is Jakob. My goals as a school leader this year are; As a school leader, I hope to be a great example for younger learners and help out with exciting new projects that us school leaders do during the year. As for the students, I hope to be above expectation in my academic work. The hobbies that I do out of school would be; Programming/Coding.



I have always wanted to be a school leader and I always thought highly of the ones every year. I just want to set a good example and be a good leader in general. As a student I would like to achieve as highly as I can and perform above my expected level in all aspects of learning. My hobbies: yoyoing, cubing, gaming, drums, guitar, cricket, rugby and swimming.


Hi I’m Ella Hale your 2018 school leader. I wanted to be a school leader because I’m smart, responsible and reliable. My goals for this year as school leader are to interact with more of the juniors, I also hope to be a good role model for the rest of the school. In my own time I enjoy playing sport and hanging out with my friends.


Hi I’m Olivia Paul your 2018 school leader. I wanted to be a school leader because I love being involved and I thought it would be a great opportunity to interact with the younger students and learn to be a great leader. My goals are to become more confident in everything I do and also become a great role model for the rest of the school. I love to play sports like netball, hockey, and a lot more.


I am Hannah Davis Gorrie. I am one of the 2018 school leaders .I wanted this role because I love to help people. and be a leader it has always been a goal of mine to have this roll . I love  to play sport and do art in my free time. I like to ski and do snow sports.


Hi my name is Amber Wotherspoon, I am one in seven, year eight people that got picked for school leaders  in 2018. It has always been a goal for me to get the role and help make big   decisions for the school. One of the reasons why I really wanted to be a school leader was because it will boost my confidence in speaking in large audiences.


Hi my name is Aaron Daysh.This year I hope I can be the best school leader that I can possibly be.My goal is to help out more with the little kids and be seen as a role model around the whole school.



House Captains

Te Aroha

We are the house captains of Te Aroha. Our names are Shelby and Sophie. Our goal this year is to interact more with the younger kids and to get them to join in with all of the lunch time games. We would like to be more active around the school, with more sports and games. We would like to encourage little kids to be one of us one day.



Hi my  name is Natasha and  I am just one of Waihou house captains. For 2018 my goals are  to include the younger kids in more activities. I also try to get to know them and encourage them to be young leader, like Jenee and I. I applied to be house captain because I wanted to be a role model. Before I got this role I was nervous and concealed by leadership abilities. Now I am a house captain I proven to my self and others I can be more  than just a nervous kid .I really enjoy this role.

Hi my name is Jenee I am Waihous other house captain for 2018. I applied because I thought that Waihou needed a bubbley personality to lead them. I wanted to show  everybody that I can step up to this role and it will give me a good go at getting to know the other kids in Waihou /the school. My goals are to be the best house captain that waihou has ever seen and to encourage the younger kid to strive to be a young leader. I have had so much fun with my role as Waihous house captain so far.






My name is Amber I wanted to be a house captain for Hauraki because I want to achieve many goals. Such as interacting with the younger students as well as leading my house. I want to help them with achieve their goals in the school and with activities within the school.

I am Thomas. One of the 2 amazing Hauraki House captains. My first goal for being a house captain is to please people with the quality of leadership I provide. My second goal is to be the best house captain. I really enjoy some sports but mostly enjoy video games.











Here are the 2018 School Leaders. Stay tuned for profiles on each student soon!


Congratulations to these students for being selected to represent as House Captains for 2018.