School Leaders & House Captains 2019

School Leaders


Hi, I’m Anna Knight one of your 2019 School Leaders. I wanted the role of school leader so I can have a say in what happens around the school and to be a great role model for the younger students. My goals as a school leader is to be more confident in my ideas and to be able to confidently speak to a big audience. I’m very active and sporty and respect and support others. I want to encourage the younger faces of Stanley Ave to be more active and be outside playing sport at lunch. I hope that throughout the year I will have completed my goals and have set higher standards for me to achieve.


Hi I’m Anna Wade, one of seven lucky people who got chosen for School Leader 2019. I wanted to be a School Leader because I love being part of a team and being involved in School choices. I wanted to be a role model for the younger students to look up to.  I love to play sport and am just as good academically. I am very reliable and make responsible choices and like to help the younger pupils in the school. My goals this year would be to get more people involved in opportunities and to get more girls playing sport at lunch times and after school.

I’ve also really wanted to see what it would be like sitting at the front of assembly ;).


Hi! I’m Riley and I am one of the seven school leaders for 2019.  I’ve always wanted to be a school leader because I like getting involved inside of school and out.  This year I want to set a good example all throughout the school and I feel like I have some good ideas to bring to the table.  I want to get to know the students and staff a bit better so I believe this will be a great opportunity to do so.


Hi, I’m Hannah Syme and I am a 2019 School Leader. As a School Leader I would like to grow more confident and be a role model for the rest of the school. It has been a goal for me to get this role and I hope to be a good School Leader. My hobbies out of school time are mostly sporty things like soccer, tramping, skiing and hockey. But I also enjoy to read and do art and crafts.


Hi my name is Riche Gemmell. I am on of the seven year 8s that are school leader for 2019.

My goals for this year is to be the best school leader I can be, include all the younger members of school in games and activities, put forward more ideas towards new things for the school, grow my confidence as a leader, and hopeful make Winter Olympics . The reason why I wanted to be a school leader was because I really want the little kids to look up to me and remember me as a great school leader. I want to be part of making school decisions, I love to play sports which has helped me grow my team player skills over the years.


Hi my name is Jessica Bray, I’m one of the 7 school leaders of 2019. I wanted this part to be a great role model to the school. I love helping others to make them achieve more, I love watching people try their best and succeeding. some of my goals as a school leader is to get more girls to play sports at lunchtime, to grow my confidence more as a leader and for everyone to try something new even though they don’t think they won’t get in or win. I was overjoyed when I heard my name get called out. This was something I’ve always wanted to be ever since my first step on the school ground. I am an easy person to talk to and will always make you laugh so I thank everyone who helped make me part of this amazing role.


Hello my name is Joseph and I am a School Leader of Stanley Avenue School. This year for me is going to be a great year. I’m really excited for all the opportunities and getting involved. My goal this year is to get stuck into everything and volunteer in lots of stuff around the school and for winter olympics and social dancing. This is going to be a great year for me to push myself. I want to have a high expectation and have fun at the same time.

My hobbies are cricket, rugby, swimming, playstation, chess, darts, basketball and having fun with my friends.

House Captains

Te Aroha

We are the Te Aroha Waka captains. Our names are Shaye Roskam and Olivia Baillie. Our goals are to be great  role models to the younger kids in the school, and to get as much people playing sports at lunch time. We will be the best house captains that anyone could ask for. We won’t hesitate when we get told to do a job we will get it done within seconds. We will support everybody in our house no matter what they’re doing.



Hello everyone My name is Daniel Burgess. I am a Waihou Waka captain this year for 2019 for Stanley Ave. My goals this year is to be a great Waka captain and get the kids to have fun and get outside of the classroom to play games. I also want to get to know the people that are in my waka my interests are music sports and a lot more things. The reason why I wanted to be a Waka captain is because I want to be a role model and a leader of this school this year waihou is going to be a great waka and i’m gonna make sure. Thank you for reading my topic about me.

Hi my name is Samantha and I’m the waihou waka captain. My Waka partner is Daniel. My goals are to be a role model, Strive to succeed, Team player, Inquirer , Well Being, to give it 110% in all that I do my role. I have a lot of roles in Waka captain and you might see me on the field doing rippa with the year 5 and 6 teams and. This week I have done the gumboot throwing on Friday. Meing a house captain means you do lunchtime games. I would also want the kids to have fun and I wanted to be a role model ever since I was a little kid that started Stanley Avenue.



Hi my name is Thomas Grason and I am one of this year’s Waka Captains.  I wanted this role since I was a little kid and thought that they were some of the coolest people in the school.  This year I am trying to get to know a little bit more about everyone in my Waka. Hopefully I can get everyone outside and active and get every person a new passion for a new sport.  Along with all that I want to help us win the sports shield and make us the best house in the school.


Hi, my name is William Bethell and I am a Waka Captain for Mōkena in 2019.  I race Go Karts at the Te Aroha dirt kart track on some Sundays, I want to play soccer this year & I mostly play video games in my spare time. The reason I wanted to be a Waka Captain is to get kids playing sport at lunchtime and to get Mōkena onto the House Shield.  I’ve done many, many roles at lunch, before school & after it too. You may of seen me out on Road Patrol, on SAS News, in the Library & as a Waka Captain.



Hi my name is Seth, I am a Hauraki Waka captain for 2019. I wanted to be a Waka captain because I’m sporty, nice, a team player, and I love all sport. At lunch and on weekends. I would like to get big and small kids to play games at morning tea and at lunch so they can get into sport. I am a great leader and good at lots of sport. I have been into lots of sports for all term, my goals are to win Cross Country and to get into Winter Olympics and to get heaps of trophies with games. I want to help all little to big kids with sport when struggling and to win the house shield for this year. I am hoping to be the kindest house captain in school.

Hi my name is Trevor I am 2019 Hauraki house captain! I wanted to be house captain because I am really sporty,  I would like to get little kids in to more sports at lunchtime and in other sports out of school, I am a great leader I have been in heaps of sports teams and my goals are to get to winter olympics and get heaps of trophies help little kids in sports win the House Shield and be remembered as one of the best house captains and one of the kind people of the school.