Byers, John Spicer, Paul Spooner, Heather kim

John Byers


Paul Spicer

Deputy Principal

Heather Spooner

Office Administrator

Kim Hayes

Office Administrator

Williams, Hayley carmel Finucane, Chris nik

Hayley Williams

New entrant Teacher

Carmel Trebes

Year 1 Teacher & SENCO

Chris Finucane

Assistant Principal & Year 2 Teacher

Nikaela Smith

Year 2/3 Teacher

Valencia, Angela photo to come annmarie Haddock, Sandie
Angela Valencia

Year 3 Teacher

Alana Tissingh

Year 4/5 Teacher

Annmarie Trow

Year 4/5 Teacher

Sandie Haddock

Year 5/6 Teacher

photo to come jemma keely photo to come
Tori-Ann Malone

Year 6 Teacher

Jemma Knyvett

Year 6/7 Teacher

Keely Rendell

Year 7/8 Teacher

Moana Moleni

Year 7/8 Teacher

kate Horan, Kerry Malone, Jacquii O'Sullivan, Kathy
Kate Corrigan

Release Teacher

Kerry Horan

Release Teacher

Jacquii Malone

Teacher Aide

Kathy O’Sullivan

Teacher Aide

kelly 20160509_112125-1 robbin
Kelly Watts

Teacher Aide

Helen Withington

Teacher Aide

Robbin Durbin



  1. I need the school Email for a message for Robbin Durbin.


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