Byers, John Spicer, Paul kim Finucane, Chris

John Byers


Paul Spicer

Deputy Principal

Kim Hayes

Office Administrator

Chris Finucane

Assistant Principal & Year 2 Teacher

Williams, Hayley carmel photo to come nik

Hayley Williams

New entrant Teacher

Carmel Trebes

Year 1 Teacher & SENCO

Sharnae Romeyn

Year 1 Teacher

Nikaela Smith

Year 2/3 Teacher

Valencia, Angela photo to come annmarie Haddock, Sandie
Angela Valencia

Year 3 Teacher

Alana Tissingh

Year 4/5 Teacher

Annmarie Trow

Year 4/5 Teacher

Sandie Haddock

Year 5/6 Teacher

photo to come jemma keely photo to come
Tori-Ann Malone

Year 6 Teacher

Jemma Knyvett

Year 6/7 Teacher

Keely Rendell

Year 7/8 Teacher

Moana Moleni

Year 7/8 Teacher

kate Horan, Kerry Malone, Jacquii O'Sullivan, Kathy
Kate Corrigan

Release Teacher

Kerry Horan

Release Teacher

Jacquii Malone

Teacher Aide

Kathy O’Sullivan

Teacher Aide

kelly 20160509_112125-1 photo to come  robbin
Kelly Watts

Teacher Aide

Helen Withington

Teacher Aide

Lynn Hill

Teacher Aide


Robbin Durbin



  1. I need the school Email for a message for Robbin Durbin.


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